Winning photos from best photography competition - what it's like to become a mother!

International Association of Professional Photographers announced the winners of its photo competition in 2016, and the results are simply breathtaking. For the fifth consecutive year, this competition has been on the spotlight of every newspaper and magazine in the world and photographers for this particular "how to become a mother" competition are evaluated in three categories: work, submission and post-natal period. What it's like to be one of these fearless photographers and shoot the birth of a small miracle? In these photos you can see tears of joy, a miracle, bringing a new life into the world and the genuine happiness of the family. Photographers who specialize in this area are using their art to tell the story of the birth.

1. Ranked #1 - this photo illustrates first moments of baby's life while mother giving birth in the water.
underwater birth
2. Best in the "work" category.
giving birth in the shower
 3. The best photo in the "submission" category.
giving birth in the bath tub
 4. Best in the "postpartum period" category.
postpartum period
 5. The rest of the photos
pregnant woman drinking water in the shower
first few moments of baby life
all three laughing after birth in the tub
c section birth and first kiss
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