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The Argan tree is a native of exotic Morocco in northern Africa. It produces nutrient rich nuts from which Argan oil is then extracted. Long described as "liquid gold", it is a truly remarkable compound that is high in beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E. This is why it is so often touted as one of the best oils for the skin and the hair. Long a secret of the rich and famous, it has now made its way into the mainstream, and this article will explain how a good source of virgin Argan oil may provide nearly anyone with a long list of benefits.

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Virgin Argan Oil for the Skin

A very common treatment for dry skin, virgin Argan oil is packet with fatty acids and vitamin E, allowing it to also improve the health and plumpness of the skin as it moisturizes and soothes. It can be used exclusively on the face or neck, but it is also ideal for the entire body. Just a few drops go a very long way and because it is non-greasy, it leaves no unwelcome residues or sheen.

It is described as an "anti-aging" oil because it is so full of nutrients, but also because it has many anti-oxidants that help to ward off or prevent signs of aging in the skin, scalp and hair. It actually improves elasticity and restores a more youthful vigor to the skin.

It is also beneficial as a healing agent for the skin and is used by burn victims, people struggling with cracked or damaged skin, and those combating stretch marks. It is also ideal for balancing acne prone skin. This may seem counter intuitive but its non-greasy texture and natural moisture prevents too much oil from being created; leading to acne breakouts.

Virgin Argan Oil for the Hair

However, virgin Argan oil is also a very common hair treatment. When used in its natural form, and in the purest level possible (such as organic virgin Argan oil), it is remarkably helpful to the scalp and the hair. In fact, in many parts of the world it is used as a reliable conditioner.

While the vitamin E content is ideal for boosting the strength and manageability of hair, Argan oil also:

  • Moisturizes the scalp to combat dry scalp or dandruff and flaking
  • Promotes growth of healthier hair
  • Repairs hair and split ends
  • Tames frizz
  • Leaves hair glossy and soft
  • Helps to make hair more manageable
  • Is an ideal product to use when heat styling hair
  • A good leave-in or rinse away condition, styling agent, and hair mask

The important thing to remember is that there is a huge difference between a product that contains Argan oil and one that relies on organic virgin Argan oil. The latter is the only one that you can use in the ways described above. JB Nutra is a maker of products featuring organic Argan oil and other essential oils ideal for hair and scalp. Offering a balanced and effective blend of oils, their products are a key to improving everything from frizz and breakage to hair loss and general health and wellness.

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