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Though we look to almonds as a source of protein, an ideal snack, and even a nut used to make a dairy alternative, it is more than a food source. In fact, sweet almond oil made from the trees native to areas of the Middle East and Asia is considered a health and wellness powerhouse. This is because of the nutrient density of the almonds and how most of those nutrients transfer into the oil. It might surprise you to learn that sweet almond oil is used to heal those with cardiovascular disease, dangerously high levels of cholesterol and chronically dry and painful skin. Yet, it is also a very popular treatment used on the hair and the scalp.

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As a Hair Protectant and Sealant

Are you someone who uses the blow dryer on your hair each day, or a few times each week? Men and women alike rely on their hair dryers for a faster morning routine or quick touch up to the hair, and yet this does a lot of damage. Not only are you drying out the hair shaft and the scalp, but it is also likely that you have used a chemical agent in the styling process.

Fortunately, sweet almond oil is a wonderful protectant that actually penetrates and seals the hair shaft and the scalp with high levels of beneficial fatty acids. These reduce the risks of damages from styling tools, blow drying and styling products. It also reduces the risk of damages from shampoo or other formulas that can strip the hair of natural oils. Simply apply it prior to a shampoo and you will notice that your hair is far more silky and manageable even if you use a stronger cleansing formula.

Making Hair More Manageable

The use of sweet almond oil to improve the texture and look of the hair is also a common one. In fact, this tradition goes all of the way back to the Ancient Egyptians who often worked almond oil into the scalp and hair to help it look as bright and shiny as possible, while also maintaining a silkier texture to even the densest natural curls.

As a Repairing Agent

If you struggle with split ends and the frizz they cause, simply rubbing the oil into the tips of the hair is a known remedy. Apply it to the entire hair shaft and rub into the scalp as a leave-in conditioner, too.

High in vitamins A, B1, B6 and E, sweet almond oil is a wonderful antioxidant that improves the health and condition of the hair and scalp. As with all formulas used on the hair or skin, you want to find the highest quality oil possible. JB Nutra produces hair and beard products featuring organic sweet almond and other essential oils. Their other products also feature the same premium ingredients and are ideal for total body health and wellness.

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