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Every autumn, millions of people carve Halloween pumpkins or empty out enormous "sugar" pumpkins in order to make pies, stews and other seasonal dishes. Many toss out the seeds and pulp without realizing that they are throwing away an amazingly nutrient dense food. What food is that? The pumpkin seeds! Packed with nutrients such as amino acids, key vitamins such as A, K, and B, as well as minerals and loads of zinc, they are also the source of pumpkin seed oil. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of pumpkin seed oil, and particularly the ways that it benefits your skin and hair.

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Though you can enjoy such benefits as a stronger immune system, reduced cholesterol levels, and decreased risks for osteoporosis by consuming pumpkin seeds, the use of pumpkin seed oil can offer even more surprising outcomes. Adding it to the daily skin care routine can help to boost skin cell production, increase natural collagen levels and improve elasticity - meaning you look more youthful and vibrant.

How Pumpkin Seed Oil Helps the Hair and Scalp

Many are surprised to discover that pumpkin seed oil is so beneficial to the hair, skin and scalp. This is because it contains such high amounts of antioxidants, natural anti-aging compounds that boost the skin tone and overall health. Yet, there is more to it than that, and the benefits also include:

  • Cellular production is increased thanks to the high amounts of vitamin A that ensures skin and hair cell repairs
  • Regulates sebum production, which means that the natural oils in the skin glands and the hair follicles is maintained. This is important since too much can lead to hair loss and skin issues such as acne while too little can leave skin and scalp dry and flaky
  • Stimulation of hair growth. Regular use of pumpkin seed oil may help to balance sebum production and lead to restoration of healthy follicles. Yet, even if your hair is not thinning, the use of the oil can help to boost the health of individual hair shafts, leading to much thicker hair on the face and beard.

Using Pumpkin Oil

If you have decided that it is a good product for your needs, you will be glad to learn just how easy it is to use the oil. You will only have to apply a small amount to the ends of the hair, working upward to the scalp. A bit of scalp massage with the oil will boost results by improving circulation. The oil is light and absorbed easily, and that too can help with hair growth as it can unclog follicles that may have been in the process of failing.

As you might guess, the overall quality of the oil is important and you will always want to find reliable sources of organic pumpkin seed oil. This ensures you get the results as mentioned above and without risk of fillers or fragrances that dilute the natural strength of the oil. JB Nutra offers you organic and natural hair and beard oils made of only the finest blends, including formulas with pumpkin seed oil. The company also offers unique supplements and products ideal for those who want to rely on the most natural and beneficial formulas.

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