Omega 3 Fish Oil

By now, most consumers are aware of the "omega fatty acids", and yet many still remain unaware of the most beneficial of the omega fats. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at omega-3 fats and why you really need to ensure you are getting adequate amounts of them each day. We are also going to explore what the best omega-3 fish oil supplements should feature, and even discover a reliable and quality formula to use.

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First, before we name the best omega-3 fish oil, let's be sure you understand why you really need omega-3 fats in the first place.

Understanding Omega-3s

Available in three natural forms - ALA, DHA and EPA, omega-3 fats are known as some of the best anti-inflammatory agents. They are found in a wide variety of natural food sources as diverse as nuts, seeds, dairy foods, beef, and fatty fish. Because studies have shown that it is the DHA and EPA varieties that yield the greatest benefits, we will focus on where to find them most readily - which is fatty fish (think mackerel and salmon). And this tells us why we will eventually want to find the best omega-3 fish oil, too, as that is the source of the most desirable omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are eager to also consume food sources, keep in mind that you will want to preface your choices with a few terms. For example, wild caught fish is a must. Free range meats are also a better option, and organic is always a key word whenever possible. Some of the best food sources (rated from best downward) include salmon, sardines, mackerel, grass fed beef, flax seed, chia seed, walnuts, tuna, grass fed dairy products, eggs, seaweed, soy milk, cauliflower and spinach. If the idea of adding these different foods to your diet is not appealing, it is a wise idea to consider the use of a supplement.

Of course, you might still be wondering if the best omega-3 fish oil is nothing but an anti-inflammatory, why would it be of the utmost importance to take it? The fact is that it is going to do more than offer anti-inflammatory agents. The simple truth is that enormous numbers of people die each year because they do not have enough omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. This is, obviously, a very preventable cause of death and can be easily addressed by finding the best omega-3 fish oil supplement possible.

While you might read summarized lists of the benefits to be gained by ensuring you add plenty of omega-3 oils to the daily diet - such as heart health, skin and hair health, brain health, and so on - it really pays to get a bit more into the details. So, let's do that now…

Further key benefits to be gained by taking the best omega-3 fish oil supplement   (apart from reducing risk of death due to deficiency) include:

  • Reduced risk of stroke and/or heart disease - The omega-3 fats in the best supplements have been seen to regulate the heartbeat, lower blood pressure and even reduce risks of blood clots. These all combine to reduce risks for stroke or heart disease. Because regular use of the best omega-3 fish oil has been shown to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride levels and inflammation, it just makes sense for anyone with heart disease or a risk for stroke to add the supplement to their daily diet.
  • Supports conventional cancer treatments - Initial studies have shown that the use of omega-3 supplements can actually improve the effectiveness of some cancer drugs
  • Improved brain health for diabetics - Supplementing with the best omega-3 fish oil may actually reduce the typical cognitive damages that are often associated with the disease. Essentially, the fatty acids seem to protect cells in the hippocampus area of the brain! Additionally, it is now known that diets high in the omega-3 fatty acids decrease insulin resistance. This is the very foundation of the disease, and if your body's ability to better and more rapidly accept insulin is increased, the disease can often subside or disappear altogether. Couple that with the ability to lose weight and it is clear that it is of benefit to most diabetics.
  • Reduced symptoms of hypertension - The natural anti-inflammatory agents in the best omega-3 fish oil supplements have shown signs of reversing and preventing cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Even more intriguing is that studies have looked at the survival rates of heart attack victims who did (and did not) take omega-3 supplements and discovered that they were higher and their overall condition improved. Also, both DHA and EPA have shown in studies to lower both heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Potential reversal of age related eye problems - Conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration may actually be combated or even reversed through the use of a daily supplement of the best omega-3 fish oil. Additionally, dry eye syndrome has shown to respond to daily supplementation with omega-3 oil or higher amounts in the daily diet. The fatty acid also facilitates improved drainage of eye fluids, decreasing pressure and improving vision in the aged.
  • Improved immune function - Anything that reduces inflammation responses in the body is going to help the entire immune system function more effectively and as it is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, this is one benefit. Additionally, it also contains antioxidants that boost the immune system's efficiency. Recent studies have also shown that the DHA and EPA varieties can actually increase the function of certain immune cells. These are the white blood cells essential to fighting disease, and if fish oil enhances their function it is an ideal option for those struggling against with immune related issues.
  • Potential relief from joint pain and arthritis - Those with rheumatoid arthritis may want to explore options in the best omega-3 fish oil supplements as it has been shown to reduce signs of the disease and also reduce pain as effectively as most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds typically given to support arthritis sufferers.
  • Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety - Lab studies have shown that subjects given the best omega-3 fish oil supplements demonstrated lower signs of anxiety and depression when exposed to stressful scenarios or situations. Additionally, some studies have shown improvements in those with bipolar and other mental health issues when taking omega-3 supplements.
  • Improvements in those with ADHD - Medical experts are in general agreement that a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids may show a direct correlation to symptoms of ADHD and other mental health concerns. Some studies have even demonstrated improvements in behavior and literacy alongside the use of the best omega-3 fish oil for the patient.
  • Reduced risk for Alzheimer's disease - Though this is still in its earliest stages, the initial studies have shown that regular consumption of the best omega-3 fish oil may be closely linked to improved brain function. Supplementation has shown to reduce cognitive decline and brain shrinkage.
  • Improvements in skin and hair - The skin needs regular supplies of fat and vitamins that ensure elasticity and collagen production. When the diet is deficient in omega-3 fish oils it can become dry and unhealthy. Hair can thin and conditions like psoriasis may develop. Supplementation and food sources add to the diet have been shown to improve the health and condition of the hair, the appearance of the skin and even reduced signs of aging.
  • Improvements in fertility - It may not seem believable that the best omega-3 fish oil supplement can somehow improve fertility in men and women alike, but that is the case. Omega-3 fatty acids help with inflammation, and can also balance hormones. This is particularly important for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and conditions like endometriosis that make fertility especially challenging.
  • Supports weight loss - When used with a good diet and exercise plan, the best omega-3 fish oil supplements can help to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol and decrease body fat. It can work this particular wonder by cuing the body to burn fat for energy, leading to increases in weight loss.

Hopefully, that has convinced you to consider adding more omega-3 foods to the diet as well as adding the very best omega-3 fish oil supplement possible. Still, as we mentioned earlier, there are omega-3 fish oils supplements, and then there are the best omega-3 fish oil supplements. How can you differentiate between them? Let's take a closer look…

Understanding the Best Omega-3 Fish Oil

Earlier we did say that you will want to emphasize wild caught, grass fed, organic and so on. This means that one phrase you must find on the labeling of your supplement is that it features oils from wild fish or fish caught in the wild. This guarantees that the fish were healthy, ate a natural diet and produced the safest and richest oils. Remember too that it was the DHA and EPA variants of omega-3 that you wanted to take to enjoy the greatest benefits. You will need to be sure that you are indeed getting a nice balance of both. While the recommended daily allowance for DHA is 600mg a day, you might find that difficult to find in lesser brands. The truly best omega-3 fish oil supplements offer that 600mg of DHA, along with the requisite 800mg of EPA in each serving.

Of course, you may worry that natural or wild fish may have been exposed to harmful substances. Though you won't be able to find organic supplements made from wild sources, you can find those that use refined oils. You must look for those that use "molecular distillation". This is a process that is able to remove agents like PCBs and heavy metals from wild fish oils - and it often can identify and remove them even when they are hardly detectable. This also keeps the oil at the lowest possible temperature, which maintains the integrity and the quality of the oil.

To ensure that you really are getting the best omega-3 fish oil possible, try to find those that are third party tested. You may or may not know that regulation in the supplement industry is not consistent, and it is only the most authentically dedicated and premium brands that open up their products to outside, third party assessments, tests and evaluations. This ensures that the ingredients are as pure as claimed on the labels, that nutritional value is what is claimed, the labels is accurate and that the product will be as effective as indicated.

Unfortunately, many fish oil supplements have a less favorable reputation with consumers because they leave a fishy aftertaste. This can lead to what many know as an unpleasant burping issue within the hours after consuming the supplement. This can make life a bit awkward, and even lead to you giving up the supplement. Because of that, you do want to pay attention to any labeling that promises to alleviate this unwelcome side effect. There are some products that feature an enteric coating that nurtures more rapid absorption while reducing chances of that unpleasant taste.

That leaves us with just one more issue to address - where do you actually find an omega-3 fish oil supplement that meets all of the criteria outlined above.

MIT Nutritions produces a wide variety of premium supplements made with the finest, purest ingredients. Their Omega 3 Fish Oil is for both men and women. It offers an appealing lemon flavor and is guaranteed to provide that "burp less" experience that ensures you can happily continue enjoying a daily dose. A GMO free formula made from wild fish, it is carefully purified to eliminate heavy metals and is the highest concentration of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty oils available. Each dosage contains 2,000mg of premium oils, emphasizing DHA and EPA in the mix.

You've just spent some time learning why omega-3 oils are important, and how to enjoy the most effective supplement. Today is the day to take steps towards optimal health with the very best omega 3 fish oil supplement from MIT NUTRA.

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