Jojoba Oil

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Taken from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis plant common to the American Southwest, Northwest Mexico and parts of California, jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is a remarkably beneficial oil. Though long viewed as a reliable folk remedy for issues like bruises and skin sores, today, many know that it is one of the most amazing treatments for the skin and hair.

It has a light and nutty aroma that dissipates quickly once it is absorbed, and is in an appealing clear, golden hue that makes it an ideal carrier oil for many essential oil blends. Yet, it offers much more than easy absorption and an appealing texture.

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The Benefits of Jojoba Oil

In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits to the hair and scalp for those who use high quality jojoba oil. Though it does have many benefits in terms of overall health and well-being, its ability to improve many conditions with the scalp and hair make it important to emphasize those alone.

In any discussion about the benefits of jojoba oil, it is important to open with one major point; its unique texture and nature. It is nearly identical to "sebum". This is the compound we produce in our skin glands, and which conditions the skin and hair. It is a natural oil and it can be produced in quantities that are too high or too low. Make too much and you may suffer issues like acne or hair loss. Make too little and your skin is going to be dry and even papery, showing many signs of aging long before it should.

What makes jojoba oil so beneficial to the scalp and hair is that using it actually helps to regulate the moisture of the hair shafts, the follicles and the skin of the scalp. When there is balanced moisture, the sebum production is kept at a healthy level. This can help to slow or stop hair loss, trigger new hair growth, and make hair that is often greasy or limp in appearance take on a much more healthy and lively texture or look. By conditioning the scalp, it also cuts down on issues like dandruff or flaking.

Additionally, when you apply it to the hair, it can help to cut down on issues like frizz or fly away hair by naturally conditioning it. The oil also helps with making hair less tangled after washing or protecting it during a wash as it seals in the moisture and stops shampoo from stripping the hair of beneficial oils.

Using Jojoba Oil for the Hair and Scalp

Is it difficult to use jojoba oil on the hair and scalp? Not at all. You simply apply it to the tips of the hair and work towards the scalp. Men and women alike benefit from the application of the oil, and even more so when jojoba is part of a broader blend of essential oils good for hair and scalp. JB Nutra is a maker of products featuring organic jojoba oil and other essential oils in appealing and balanced blends.  Their products include a range of dietary supplements as well as essential oils for the hair and beard and can be part of your improved wellness regimen.

5 Stars Reviews This oil is amazing for my hair and scalp
5 stars - " I have very curly and coarse hair, and a little bit of jojoba oil helps me comb through the ends while my hair is wet. It's easier prep each section for blowing drying and does not counteract with my Oribe Blow-out. I also apply a little bit to my scalp when it feels dry. I've noticed that the hair growing from my roots are increasing and my overall hair is thicker, shinier, and healthier. I actually see new hairs growing from the thin spots in my scalp. Maybe it's the biotin vitamins I'm taking, but I also feel that the jojoba oil is helping. Thank you so very much! " Based on 200,183 Votes since 2016!

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