How 39 Years Old Mother of Two Got Skin Cancer From Normal Sunbathing

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This mother of two children considers it her duty to warn all people about the realities of skin cancer, for this she published a diary in which she presented shocking photos of her struggle with melanoma. 

39-year-old Bethany Gambardell-Greenaway from Austin, Texas, USA, in 2015 discovered a dark speck on the skin during pregnancy with her youngest child.

melanoma discovery in 2015

And, of course, she ignored it, believing that it was caused by the most obvious hormonal change. When she decided to find out what kind of spot it was, the dermatologist assured her that it was just a hepatic stain.

Yet, 18 months later, the painful mole became more distinct and the biopsy showed that it was not a simple flaw, but an aggressive form of skin cancer called Melanoma

after melanoma surgery

Having performed the operation, the doctors managed to remove the cancerous spot, but after a while she learned that the cancer had spread to her bones and lymph nodes, and then in October 2016 she began the chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

during melanoma recovery

therapy after surgery

first radiation treatment

during radiation treatment

 "Radiation treatment was the hardest part. It was a real hell, plane and simple" - Bethany says - It burned inside of my mouth. My throat was very sore. My skin was covered with sores. I lost the ability to taste food, my voice was sounding rough and harsh, and three weeks later, in the treated area, my hair began to fall out. By the time, because of the treatment, I lost about 40 pounds and all because food has become tasteless for me. Now, because of the radiation, I have one of the salivary glands damaged and the hair line has changed. 

few weeks after radiation

 Bethany says that she was not surprised by the diagnosis, because her mother also had Melanoma at the same age. Despite the fact that she had finished her treatment and now everything is OK with her health, she wants to motivate others to always carry a sunscreen on sunny and hot days so that they do not have to face the same problem. 

she is taking a shower after melanoma treatment

 Please stop sunbathing and going to the tanning salons, "she says. - Sunburn is not a healthy blush - it's a skin damage. 

Bethany after skin cancer treatment

And we believe that stopping sunbathing is necessary for many, especially for the ones with history of Melanoma in the family.

Bethany finished her treatment and now she is healthy.

Healthy Bethany after melanoma treatment

 Now she is trying to motivate others to at least carry a sunscreen, so that in the future they do not face the same problem with which she had to fight for her life.

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 3rd treatment

when she got her hair back after chemo therapy

year after cancer treatment

two years after radiation treatment

her look today


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