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Forskolin Diet Pills Weight Loss Benefits

Forskolin Diet Pills Weight Loss Benefits

When it comes to losing weight, everyone is looking for that magic pill. After seeing it featured on a popular TV show focused on health and wellness, many people are convinced that Forskolin diet pills might be it. While it's unclear whether or not that is the case, there are a number of benefits associated with Forskolin diet pills in addition to possible weight loss.

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Weight Management

While it's not clear yet whether or not Forskolin diet pills can actually help you lose weight, two separate studies have proven that it does help you maintain your weight. Forskolin diet pills seems to prevent the body from being able to store calories as fat, which can make maintaining your weight much easier. This holds true, even when you're eating foods that are unhealthy.

In addition to preventing the body from creating new fat, it is possible that taking Forskolin diet pills can help to change the distribution of fat in the body. In a 2011 study of a product containing Forskolin, it was found that the product reduced the appearance of cellulite and the circumference of fatty areas, even though the participants in the study didn't lose weight. This is important for people who are more concerned with how their body looks than the number on the scale.

Cancer Treatment

In a study conducted by the University of Madrid in 2011, it was discovered that Forskolin diet pills can act as an anti-tumor agent. Taking Forskolium activates an enzyme called phosphatase 2 (PP2A). In the study, it was shown that activating the PP2A either slowed or stopped the growth of tumors in patients who had rectal cancer. In addition to this, Forskolin was shown to cause the death of multiple myeloma cancer cells. When combined with chemotherapy, Forskolin diet pills helped to reduce the number of side effects that patients experienced as well.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Forskolium has been used to treat high blood pressure since ancient times. While many supplements can't live up to their claims, in this case science backs up Forskolin's blood pressure reducing properties. In a study conducted in India, taking Forskolium daily was shown to reduce blood pressure levels in 75 percent of the study's participants. Of course, when it comes to something as serious as your blood pressure, you'll want to take other measures to help as well, such as keeping your stress levels down and following a healthy diet.

Regulates Blood Sugar

In 2014, a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences showed that when taken over a period of eight weeks, study participants were able to reduce their blood sugar levels. This could have a significant impact on the way that prediabetic and even diabetic patients are treated in the future. Even better, lowering the blood sugar helps to protect against insulin resistance, a condition that many obese and overweight people suffer from. In this way, taking Forskolin diet pills may help them to manage their weight and have more success in their weight loss efforts.

Treats Asthma

If you're an asthma sufferer, you know how miserable an attack is. Most asthma patients are able to manage their condition through the use of various inhalers and medications that contain chromoglicic acid. This substance helps to prevent asthma attacks. However, there is at least one study that has shown that patients who take Forskolium suffer from half as many asthma attacks as they did when taking chromoglicic acid. A second study found Forskolin diet pills to be just as effective as another common asthma drug, beclomethasone.

Relieves Glaucoma Symptoms

The modern medical treatment for glaucoma involves receiving an injection directly into the eyeball. For people who would prefer a treatment that is less invasive (not to mention less painful), Forskolin diet pills may be an excellent alternative. In one Italian study, researchers were astounded to find that patients who were treated with Forskolium when they had reached their maximum medication levels actually experienced reduced pressure in the eye without the use of an injection. Furthermore, and Indian study found that Forskolin drops were a preferable alternative to the beta blockers usually used to treat glaucoma. Patients treated this way experienced a reduction in the pressure within the eye while avoiding most of the unpleasant and even dangerous side effects that occur when using beta blockers.

Treats Alzheimer's

In July of 2016, a study published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology found that treatment with Forskolin diet pills, helped to reduce many of the physical changes that are caused by Alzheimer's. This included inflammation and buildup of plaque that occurs in the brain of patients who have this condition. Although this science is still in its infancy and needs further testing, this is an excellent sign for those who are looking for a natural Alzheimer's treatment.

Forskolin Diet Pills Side Effects

One of the best things about Forskolin diet pills is just how few side effects that it has. However, it's still important that you discuss your situation with your doctor before you begin taking Forskolin. In some people, taking this supplement has been shown to cause rapid heartbeat. Although this is rare, it's important to be aware of the possibility. Should you experience this side effect, you should immediately stop taking Forskolium and contact your doctor. In addition, women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome should not supplement with Forskolin, as it has been shown to potentially increase the size of ovarian cysts. If you are taking Forskolin for asthma, you may experience a few mild side effects such as dry mouth, throat irritation, and restlessness.

It's clear that Forskolin diet pills is one of the few dietary supplements whose effects can actually live up to the hype. Almost every claim made by those who use Forskolin has been backed by scientific studies. This is one case where the supplement can live up to the hype.

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