Discover the Benefits of Water Shed

Whether you are tired of feeling a bit bloated most of the time (or just periodically) or you are a bodybuilder hoping to attain optimal definition, you need to know about water weight. The technical definition of it is "retention of fluid", and a physician may even refer to it as edema. Neither fat nor muscle, it is mostly water that the body might be holding for any number of reasons. Regardless of the underlying cause of this retained fluid, you can eliminate it in a safe, effective and easy way - by using MIT NUTRA Water Shed. It offers an optimal way to shed water weight when you have done everything else to eliminate it.

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For example, if you are a bodybuilder looking for optimal muscle definition and vascularity, even a small amount of retained fluid can ruin your best efforts. Of course, you need to remain properly hydrated, and yet a premium defining agent may help you safely shed unwanted fluids. While experts will always say that a hydrated body is often a healthy body and much less likely to hold fluid, there are always reasons it can occur. Turning to the best herbal diuretic can help you eliminate fluids you might otherwise find impossible to shed. Water Shed is a top quality defining agent because it uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that could combat water or fluid retention due to:

  • Excess sodium in the diet or cells will always hold more fluid and make it difficult to eliminate it.
  • Consumption of sugar can cause water or fluid retention because it boosts insulin levels and reduces the body's ability to shed sodium.
  • Alcoholic beverages dehydrate the body, causing the cells to hold whatever fluids they can. Cutting out alcohol often eliminates water weight.
  • Consuming too few calories actually increases your chances for weight and water gain. This is because intense calorie restriction causes the body to dissolve protein and carbs that retain water. As soon as you begin consuming more calories, your body will store carbs and protein rather than breaking them down, and this boosts water weight.
  • Hormones during a woman's monthly cycle can lead to an average of five pounds (or more) of water weight retention, bloating and discomfort
  • Health problems such as circulatory issues, infection, malnutrition, kidney disease, tissue death and even electrolyte imbalances can also cause fluid and water retention

While many people shed water weight through excessive caffeine consumption or chemical diuretics, using the best herbal diuretic ensures you protect your overall health and well being while enjoying the many benefits of a top quality defining agent.

And what ingredients appear in a premium defining agent designed to shed water weight? The MIT NUTRA formula has been carefully designed using clinically proven ingredients sourced from the very best suppliers. Made in the United States, this is a product that exceeds the production standards of most competitors, and it features such effective, natural compounds as:

  • Vitamin B6 - In a report released by the National Institutes of Health, it was indicated that a deficiency in vitamin B6 is a direct cause of water retention and water weight. The way this works is quite simple. When you do not have enough vitamin B6 in your body, your body creates greater amounts of a material known as dopamine in the kidneys. This increases the amount of sodium the kidneys excrete, and it is this sodium that leads to fluid accumulation throughout the body. Not only does this cause fluid retention (edema) but can also lead to discomfort in the chest and abdominal areas.

Vitamin B6, which is also known as pyridoxine, has direct links to heart and circulatory health. Though it appears in natural food sources like turkey, chicken, wheat germ, bananas and saltwater fish, it is destroyed by cooking. This is a common reason for a slight deficiency, and a good reason to consider the use of the best herbal diuretic to help you shed water weight.

  • Juniper Berry Extract - Though they are described as berries, the Juniper Berry comes from a sturdy evergreen tree found throughout the entire Northern Hemisphere. The berries themselves are cones, similar in purpose as pine cones, but they are also frequently used to season alcoholic beverages, sauces, baked goods and meats. They are also a prime ingredient in this top quality defining agent because they are an excellent, natural diuretic.

Full of natural tannins and flavonoids, they actually cause the kidneys to become irritated. This forces them to produce a higher volume of urine, meaning more fluid is removed from the body. It is a reason that they are used to treat some kidney conditions, such as cystitis, but it is also why they are ideal as an herbal approach to shedding water.

  • Dandelion Root - The charming yellow flowers that so many people despise or think of as weeds are also some of the most medicinal in the plant world. Dandelion leaves are nutritious, dandelion flowers can be used in a number of effective herbal remedies, and the roots of the plant are an ideal addition to a premium defining agent. This is because the roots are known to contain high amounts of a compound called taraxasterol. This is a plant sterol, and it actually has the ability to remove fluids contained in the areas between the skin and soft tissue. While this tightens muscles, making it perfect for the bodybuilder looking for optimal vascularity and definition, it also irritates the kidneys and increases the amount of urine they seek to expel. Drawing excess salt and fluid further reduces the risks of ongoing edema or water retention.
  • Uva Ursi - A small evergreen plant by the name of Arctostaphylos, Uva Ursi is the source of this ideal compound used to help you shed water weight. It appears in the best herbal diuretic because of its ability to safely and mildly promote the excretion of excessive fluids from the body. Long used for leg swelling and bladder, prostate or kidney issues, it works through the use of its natural components.

These components include hydroquinone and arbutin - both antibacterial, but both also quite rich in natural tannins. These can help to eliminate irritation and swelling and are volatile oils that irritate the kidneys and cause them to actively release more urine. To do this, the kidneys pull more sodium from the body, flushing them out and reducing water weight.

  • Buchu Extract - This South African native grows as a small shrub, and its leaves have long been used as an herbal remedy for many health issues - including swelling and/or fluid retention. It works as a top quality defining agent because it serves as a mild diuretic. Its active botanical components include rutin, hesperidin, quercetin and diosmin, which all encourage the kidneys to eliminate excess fluid in the body. Not as irritating or volatile as other ingredients in a premium defining agent, they are an excellent way to ensure the best results when you hope to shed water weight safely and naturally.
  • Magnesium Gluconate - If you speak with medical experts, many will agree that magnesium is a natural compound that should receive a lot more attention. Because it is responsible for supporting more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body, even a slight deficiency can lead to trouble.

Magnesium is required for any bodily reaction that involves adenosine triphosphate. This is the compound that makes energy in cells. Magnesium is also essential for producing both RNA and DNA, and magnesium is essential for absorbing calcium. It is important to nerve function, and more. However, it belongs in the best herbal diuretic for its ability to transport materials across cellular membranes.

In several studies, it has been demonstrated that magnesium is able to help premenstrual women shed unwanted water weight and reduce instances of water retention. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that the use of magnesium to eliminate water retention is a safe and effective way to shed water weight.

  • L-Carnitine - Similar to magnesium as a transport compound, L-Carnitine is able to shuttle fatty acids out of the blood and into the cells where they can use the acids as a form of energy. This is a primary reason that bodybuilders and athletes rely on it for optimal performance. However, it is also a useful element in a top quality defining agent because it can effectively transport fluids from the soft tissue, too. This ensures that water retention is not an issue and could be why it is commonly used for those with conditions of the heart or blood vessels.

Now that you know what to look for in a premium defining agent, like the MIT NUTRA Water Shed, it is also important to focus on the issue of overall quality.

Shedding Unwanted Water Weight with a Premium Defining Agent

When you use premium ingredients, you can be assured of the best results. This is exactly what MIT NUTRA offers to the many satisfied customers using their premium supplements and health products.

The company has a solid dedication to manufacturing the most quality products, and to do so, they comply with cGMP standards (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). These are never mandatory but chosen by firms that want to reassure buyers that they are purchasing only the very best. cGMP standards address everything from potency and purity of ingredients, quality of the production and manufacturing processes, and even the manner in which products are bottled or packaged, and then handled, stored and shipped. There are very few supplement companies currently taking such steps to ensure purity and quality.

As we already mentioned, MIT NUTRA makes all of their supplements in the United States, and use certified organic ingredients to the greatest extent possible. Why? These are usually the only ingredients capable of providing the best results for those eager to lose unwanted water weight while improving their health.

They ensure that each of their proprietary formulas remain entirely free of additives, fillers, and harmful ingredients, so that men and women alike can trust their premium Water Shed product for shedding excess water weight, muscle definition and better vascularity, as well as for general health benefits. While they extend a money back guarantee to all of their customers, they also go above and beyond by using third party certification on every ingredient.

Are You a Candidate for Water Shed?

While the overall quality of this formula is a sure thing, it is important to consider whether you are a good candidate for its use. As is the case with the addition of any supplement to your daily regimen, you should really sit down with your doctor and discuss any possible interactions or side effects the use of this formula might create.

As a prime example, it is not unusual for such quality herbal formulas to create some risks by boosting results of prescription medications in use. Consider that anyone on a kidney medication or dealing with liver issues may not want to use this formula as it is going to accomplish its outcomes by challenging the kidneys. This can lead to discomfort or even health issues.

Also, consider any potential adverse reactions to certain ingredients. Water Shed is meant to be a healthy and safe herbal blend for those eager to eliminate water weight and water stored in the skin tissue. It is highly absorbable and contains potent ingredients like magnesium to help reduce cramping, but which can interact with other magnesium supplements, leading to too much water loss. Be aware of the potential for such interactions and always consult with your doctor if you have worries or questions.

The dosage for this formula is four capsules daily. As a premium quality supplement, the MIT NUTRA Water Shed has been scientifically formulated using the safest ingredients possible. If your goal is to really optimize muscle definition or free yourself from the discomfort of edema, you can count on it for optimal support.